The Biological Us

The Biological Us

...a Manifesto for #clever & #good

Photo by Akin on Unsplash

I borrow this poem from Elizabeth Wordsworth:

If all good people were clever,

And all clever people were good,

The world would be nicer than ever

We thought that it possibly could.

But somehow, ’tis seldom or never

That the two hit it off as they should;

For the good are so harsh to the clever,

The clever so rude to the good.

What we identify as, is less important than How & Why we choose to express ourselves today, tomorrow and every day after.

This will all make sense very soon.

I share this mathematical discovery from Leonhard Euler:

All visual experiences consist of three different and unique phenomena:

(1) lines;

(2) when lines cross, we get vertexes (a.k.a. corners)

(3) when several lines intercross, we get an area (a.k.a. window)

Consider for a minute, each one of us are lines.

When we cross with one other line, we create a corner where we may choose to meet.

When several of us lines intercross, we create a window where we may choose to express &/or experience.

My days & nights on planet Earth has been filled with lines, corners & windows (a.k.a. meetings, expressions & experiences).

Pre-COVID ...mostly it was in-person.

Post-COVID ...mostly it is online.

My Humanistic Goal

  1. Mentor 1001 founders with the launch of their successful startups
  2. Create 10,001 investor pitch meetings for the founders above
  3. Experience the birth of 100,001 new jobs as a result of launching above startups

I am pleased to say, I am blessed in many ways to have accomplished My Humanistic Goal I set for myself years ago.

With the help of God, Family, & Mates ...we can create our own LUCK.

LUCK has these four conditions and we can totally influence it.

L (ocation): allows us to be at the right place (online | offline), at the right time and that’s how we bootstrap our own luck.
U (nderstanding): that we can play the game, brings luck to us.
C (onnections): with other players will give us a chance to create & share several opportunities that will bring us abundance of time & wealth.
K (nowledge): of how to unlock these opportunities comes by being in a team (decentralised) and playing the game.

Thank you my #clever and #good beings for giving me a reason to write this.

I 💖 you today, tomorrow and every day after.