Day-0: NEAR Certified Developer (NCD)

Day-0: NEAR Certified Developer (NCD)

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Recently an acquaintance of mine asked if I would be open to taking a quick course on a Web3 protocol and by the end of the week get certified on their stack.

I love learning, especially all-things Web3, so I decided to check it out.

Today is a quick summary of my day-0 experience.

Basically getting myself oriented with setup,  overview, what to expect, faq ...before the course begins.

Given Web3 requires a new mental model to comprehend some of the concepts, the material for this day is focussed around getting one to un-learn some old(er) bits and learn some new(er) bobs.

Have to say, there is something for everyone ...whether you're a text based learner, visual learner, auditory learner, and heaps of bonus stuff.

There was this one resource called NEAR Academy ...which I just wanted to gloss over, but I ended up finishing it and it covered the following:

  1. Why should you care?
  2. Key concepts of Web3
  3. What is NEAR?
  4. NEAR Environment
  5. On NEAR Contracts
  6. Deploy the Meme Contract
  7. Build your interface
  8. What next
w3m | NEAR Academy Certificate

If you're curious & bold to explore further, here is your invitation to Learn NEAR .