A Galaxy Network State

A Galaxy Network State

...reviewing THE NETWORK STATE

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Thankful in many ways to have an opportunity to read, assimilate and review content written by Balaji S

In his recent post about How to Start a New Country at 1729 he covers a broad range of topics:

  • Why|How to Start a New Country?
    • Election
    • Revolution
    • War
    • Micronations
    • Seasteading
    • Space
    • Cloud Countries
  • Minimum Necessary Innovation (MNI)
  • What Counts as a New Country

If you haven't already, please read his post first to gain further context.

Every generation, including mine, are born into a world composed of ...some old, some new, some yet to be manifested.

We can use several lenses to look at THE NETWORK STATE.

Today, for some reason, the matrix led me on a path to explore The FIVE Elements using the yogic lens called yantra and further distill how this might be relevant to how we bootstrap A Network State.

As a community member, when you get closer to mapping and building out your network state(s) and/or participating in someone else, please do keep us posted.

If you are rooted in that dimension which is the source of creation; if one part of you is creator, another part of you is creation, you can play with creation whichever way you want, but it will not leave a single scratch upon you ...by Sadhguru